About Us   

Established in 1978, our company mainly specializes in producing handicraft products including lei, jewelry puzzle box, dashboard, hula doll, ukulele, ukulele‚Äôs case, miniature ukulele and picture frame.

We are an enterprise that have our own factory in China. This can ensure the quality of our products are in the best condition and shape, plus the price of our products are very competitive.

Our products are favorites with our customers all over the country and areas in Japan. The company has strong technique, good reputation, excellent products and abide by contract.

People at home and abroad are sincerely welcome to do business with us so that they can experience our excellence first-hand. We will do our best to serve you sincerely and professionally.

In this New Century, we hope to make more local and oversea friends by our excellent products, pure-hearted friendship, professional service and reliable reputation.

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