Hawaii High Class Ukulele   

In 1879, the "Braguinha", the predecessor of the ukulele was brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese immigrants who came to work in the sugarcane fields. Ukulele means "Jumping Flea" in Hawaiian. It was named for the speed at which that the musician's fingers flew over the strings like jumping fleas. Since it was small in size, inexpensive and easier to play than the other sting instruments, it had quickly become popular. Some Hawaiian Royalty members at that time were well enthusiastic toward playing ukulele which made the ukulele became more popular and widespread to the general public.

Even though pop music has dominated the music culture nowadays; Hawaii has retained its unique culture and ukulele is still the most popular instrument in Hawaii.

High End Tenor Ukulele

High End Soprano Ukulele

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High End Electric Ukulele
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